Property Visibility Extensions for DSL(VS2008 SDK)

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Released: Jul 26, 2010
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Release Notes

Property Visibility Extensions 1.0 for DSL Tools (VS2008 SDK 1.1)

Property Visibility Extensions for DSL Tools V10 is a class library that provides a set of highly reusable components with the capability of changing the visibility behavior of the domain properties in the property grid without sub classing. It has a set of type descriptors, type converters, custom attributes, enumerations and interfaces for empowering the registered domain class to control the visibility of a domain property during runtime.
This release (PVE10) is targeting VSX2008 using DSL Tools and Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.1.

Also note that IRolePlayerVisibilityDecorator and IRolePlayerProviderDecorator are not compatible with Visual Studio 2010 Visualization & Modeling SDK since the Microsoft implementation RolePlayerDescriptor has obsoleted a few properties operated by PVE10.

Hence, a new version of Property Visibility Extensions, PVE20, is being planned to support Visual Studio 2010 Visualization & Modeling SDK.

With PVE20, the following components are planned to be dropped
  • ModelTypeDescriptor : This component works based on the dependency configuration provided by PropertyBehaviorAttribute. Configuring the behavior was the early design approach, which is replaced with the powerful mechanism of runtime decoration in AdvancedModelTypeDescriptor that provides more control.
  • PropertyBehaviorAttribute : This attribute provides the dependency configuration for property behavior for the ModelTypeDescriptor. It need not be used when ModelTypeDescriptor itself is dropped.

Some of the behavior of the following components will be dropped in PVE20 (next version)
  • ModelTypeDescriptionProvider : The RegisterProvider(...) methods will not be supported going forward, as it gives the wrong message of using a type description provider. The ModelTypeDescriptionProvider can only be registered like any type description provider using the System.ComponentModel.TypeDescriptionProviderAttribute.

The following components are planned to be renamed.
  • ModelTypeDescriptionProvider - New name: ModelElementDescriptionProvider
  • AdvancedModelTypeDescriptor - New name: ModelElementDescriptor

  1. The changes mentioned above are only applicable to Property Visibility Extensions 2.0 (PVE20) plans. All the above mentioned components working fine and they are not changed with current release.
  2. Property Visibility Extensions 2.0 (PVE20) source code is made available for public to download. The releases will be created shortly.

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